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Music is my love and my passion. I don't spend nearly enough time playing music....

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North End Jazz Quintet

I play the guitar and keyboards as well as sing and write songs. I like Jazz, but my tastes are very broad and eclectic. I'll play just about any kind of music.  I've done a wide variety of music, experimental to POP, acoustic to electronic to bizarre. I've done lots of recording and have my own home recording studio. I've got several CD's available. (Check them out here: (Oxymoron, Relativity, Half Live on Main Street) . I'm working on some others. 

I'm getting more interested in recording and producing other peoples work.  I'm always looking for new people to work with, so if you live in the Seattle area, and are perhaps interested in working on some eccentric projects, drop me some e-mail. 

  • E-mail me at home (tmurphy@tmurphy.net) 
  • E-mail me at work (tim.murphy@boeing.com) 
  • My internet music publishing business:

    I'm currently playing in a new band!  The North End Jazz Quintet...

    It's a very cool band that does various kinds of jazz, mostly from the 50's and 60's.  Check out the web page for information about future performances, some streaming audio and video and pictures from performances and recording sessions.  Don't forge to sign the guest list...

    I get together regularly with friends and play here in Seattle and work with various people on recording projects etc.  I like to do a bit of studio recording when I can. And, I get together with some friends in Athens, Ohio whenever I can manage to be there.

    Check out the Gallery for some pictures of band's I've been in over the years. 

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    Gear I own and use:

    Kurtzweil PC88

    Roland VS 880

    Yamaha V50



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