The Family Cabin

Our cabin is located just outside of Packwood Washington at the base of Mt. Rainier.  It is a two story log cabin 28 by 32 ft.  This picture was taken shortly after the shell of the cabin was finished.  The cabin is shared by the five families made up of my in-laws and my wife's siblings.  The cabin was primarily built by the men in this extended family.  The women also helped on some of the interior work etc.
Building this thing was a lot of fun.  It took a whole summer to stack all the logs and close in the shell.  The cabin was not a kit.  We sent our log supplier a floor plan and he sent us a semi truck load of logs of various lengths.  He also gave us some basic instructions on the phone as to how to stack them and attach them together.  Then we had to figure out where to put doors and windows etc and cut the logs accordingly.  In the end it all worked out just fine.

The cabin is not finished yet.  I doubt that it ever will be.  Lots of little jobs to do yet.   But that is part of the charm of it.  We just recently put down hardwood floors and durock in preparation for tile in the kitchen and bathroom.